Plymouth – Britain’s ocean city

Plymouth is a city on the south coast of Devon, England, about 37 miles (60 km) south-west of  Exeter and 190 miles (310 km) west-south-west of London stands tall in Britain’s maritime history, being the home to Sir Francis Drake and the place where Captain James Cook set off from when he discovered Australia.


Places to visit

Plymouth also famous as – Britain’s ocean city.

Plymouth Hoe

We reached our hotel in afternoon around 1 o’clock and after taking some rest. We walked towards Plymouth Hoe. It was just walking distance from our hotel. We took a walk along ‘Plymouth Hoe’. I always love that blue color so sea in sunshine and it was incredibly beautiful view there. It is great to walk along and catch the views. It’s a great place for walking around and even sitting down.

There were lots of nice cafes and pubs around to eat and drink. Overall a wonderful place for a picnic on nice summer days.


Smeaton’s Tower

One of the best attractions Plymouth has to offer visitors. This lighthouse was actually originally built out on a reef but was moved to its current location (brick by brick!) in the 1880s. You can even climb the stairs to the top for a small price for views over Plymouth and the sea. It was great to see how they used to live on the lighthouse.


Plymouth’s Tinside Lido

It is seriously best place in Plymouth. Beautiful surroundings with stunning views. Tinside pool is a great outside pool. A traditional Victorian pool, place to swim and relax. Great place to come when it’s warm. Great facilities and great location. Lovely open air pool and some nice little cafes and ice cream stands.


National Marine Aquarium

When we reached there it was raining heavily and very heavy wind. We need to wait outside in queue around half an hour. So my First tip is to buy tickets on line not just for saving 10%, but to queue jump which was a bonus with grumpy kids in the rain.

It was my second visit to marine aquarium before this I visited on one island in Indonesia. I can say it was the best one to visit in Plymouth. As mentioned ‘The UKs biggest Aquarium’ it was really very big and interactive. Fish look healthier and has lots more info and displays about. It was very interesting reading around the building. My favourites was the shark tank and you can see so many type of jellyfish and the octopus. Overall a great selection of fish and loads to see and do.


Plym Bridge Woods

It was such a beautiful hidden spot. We would never have known about it if we didn’t search on places to visit on TripAdvisor. It’s hard to believe that something to natural and teeming with wildlife is within spitting distance of the largest city on the south coast but that’s part of the beauty of Plymouth.

Just a very pretty place to take a picnic and walk the oaths. So cool under the trees by the water. There is a pin old bridge there. We saw many dog lovers took their dogs there slot for a swim. One important thing is that no toilets there.

Also nice place for cycling and kids exploring/playing in the outdoor woodland beside the river. You could spend hours outside enjoying the area. Car spaces are available there.

Overall it was great place for a stroll, keeping cool, amidst birdsong, lush ferns, variety of trees, the gurgling water, sun dappled walkways. We had a long walk there.


Plym Valley Railway

After walking across Plym bridge woods we reached Plym valley railway station and decided to try this too. We checked whether we can get return bus for Plymouth from next station and then we bought tickets. It was nice experience, quite a short ride but it is a great opportunity to sit in the older type comfortable carriages and ride in a steam engine. I feel like traveling in Hogwarts express (from harry potter). It was lovely views of Plym Bridge Valley from train.


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