Athens, Greece – Day 3 – City Sightseeing tour of Athens

With my cruise tour I also booked a city sightseeing tour which started on my day three in Athens. I had already been to Acropolis and nearby places. I planned to go to national archaeological museum and other places on that side of city. I went to the Syntagma square and boarded city sightseeing bus from the stand near parliament.

Athens, Greece - City Sightseeing Athens & Piraeus

National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum is undoubtedly one of the world’s most important museums, it houses the world’s finest collection of Greek antiquities. Treasures offering a view of Greek art and history- dating from the Neolitihic era to classical periods – include exquisite sculptures, pottery, jewellery, frescoes and artefacts found throughout Greece. With the combination of such unique exhibits, this is without doubt one of the world’s finest museums.

Athens, Greece - City Sightseeing Athens & Piraeus

It could take several visits to appreciate the museum’s vast holdings, but it’s possible to see highlights in a half day, which I did. The museum tickets are €12 and it’s a 10 minutes’ walk from Viktoria metro station.

Lykavittos hill

Hiking is my first and favourite choice at any place and I was thinking to go to Lykavittos hill from day one. Lykavittos hill is the other hill dominating the Athens skyline. The peak of Lykavittos is highest in Athens. It can be climbed on foot by various paths or a funicular railway (€6 return) takes you through the rock face to the summit. I suggest, walk to the top, up the winding paths for the best free view in the city and of the Parthenon sitting on top of the Acropolis. On foot it should take about 45 minutes.

The small whitewashed chapel of Agios Georgios crowns the top of the hill. There is also a summit restaurant, café and open air Lykavittos theatre, where contemporary jazz, pop and dance performances are held annually during the Athens Festival. It is really an amazing view over Athens at Mt Lycabettus.

Athens, Greece - fundooplace

Monastiraki Flea Market

After coming down from Lykavittos hill, I walked through the market towards Monsatiraki station. While going through these markets near Monsatiraki station you will be confronted with all of Athens chaos and charm, grit and ancient splendour – the Acropolis looming above and the bustling flea market. Cafes and restaurants along Adrianou have livened up the area.

Wandering through Monastiraki Flea Market was an eclectic shopping experience for me. This is the place to stumble on anything from that rare vinyl record, military boots, old books, antiques, to furniture and collectables. Individual shops each have their own speciality, so hunt around before making a purchase. You can buy almost anything, from antiques and old books to teverna chairs and army surplus gear.

Athens, Greece -City Sightseeing tour to Piraeus Athens, Greece - City Sightseeing Athens & Piraeus

5 day trip to Athens, Greece – Day 4 – City Sightseeing tour to Piraeus

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