Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Dublin is the capital of Republic of Ireland. The best synonym I can think of  for the city is, GREENRY.  City is so green that you will fall in love with the color. It is a wonderful city to roam around. It portraits the historical and educational figure of Europe through it’s castles and well known Trinity University. Although it is bit disconnected from other European countries in terms of train connectivity, but still an integral part of union.

It is the hub of pubs. Temple Bar is a well known tourist spot. It is a street with lot of pubs and restaurants. Night life is wonderful, it is full of music. Before I write further it’s better to mention the well known “Guinness”, which is brewed in Dublin. The taste of Guinness here is much better than in any other part of world .

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The main destinations of city are well connected with tram which is called Luas. It’s good have a day pass and explore the city. I would highly suggest to walk from Luas St Stefhan station to city center, as it’s a nice walk.


There is the well known St Stephen Green park near city center. The park has ornamental lake, waterfall, sculptures and a children’s playground. It is a good picnic spot and one can have a good family time. Not to mention, you can have “A walk to remember” with someone special.

The city weather is similar to that of London. Most of the time it is usually drizzling so you should be lucky to have sunshine, so better to watch the weather forecast before planning the trip.

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Main attractions in Dublin are:


Ha’Penny Bridge

Ha’Penny Bridge or Half Penny Bridge crosses Liffey Street Lower to Merchants Arch. The elliptical arched metal bridge originally had a wooden gangway when it was constructed in 1816. The bridge has a 43 meter span, 3 meter width and is 3 meters above the water. Today 30,000 people walk across the bridge every day!


Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle was built on a site that had previously been settled by Vikings. It was constructed for King John of England from 1204 to 1230 to defend the city and the King’s treasures. Today the site covers more than 44,000m², has 2 museums, 2 cafes, a conference center, 2 gardens and the most prestigious State Apartments in the country. The State Apartments were built for the viceregal court and are the site of Ireland’s Presidential inaugurations.


Temple Bar

The Temple Bar area is on the south bank of the River Liffey and bounded by Liffey street, Dame Street, Westmoreland Street and Fishamble Street. The Temple Bar area is considered the cultural quarter of the city. A number of cultural institutions are located here including the Gallery of Photography, Irish Film Archives, Gaiety School of Acting, the Irish Stock Exchange, Arthouse Multimedia Centre and many more.

The Temple Bar Pub occupies a corner property and is brightly colored on the outside. The pub was established in 1840 and has been making customers smile ever since. The pub is famous for its beer garden, music nights, craft beer, oysters, Whiskey Tuesdays knowledgeable and friendly staff, the largest whiskey collection in the country and the best Guinness in the city. It might be useful to know that kids are allowed in the pub until 9pm and live musical performances are daily from 2pm-2am.


Trinity College

The College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Elizabeth is the only college of the University of Dublin. It was founded in 1592 and is one of seven ancient colleges in the UK and one of the best colleges in the world as well as Ireland’s oldest college. The college was established to consolidate the rule of the Tudor monarchs in Ireland and with its Protestant affiliation Catholics were only allowed to enter from 1793.  Catholics required permission from a bishop until 1970. Women first attended the college in 1904.

The college is located on College Green and covers 47 acres with most of the builds constructed around traditional courtyards. Visitors come to marvel at the beautiful grounds and buildings, to learn about the famous alumni and to see the Library of Trinity College which holds Ireland’s most precious books including the Book of Kells.


Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is located in the St. James’s Gate Brewery; it is housed in a seven-storey historic building. The Guinness experience takes you through the company’s history and role in the Irish culture.

The visit begins at the foot of a giant beer glass in the Atrium. Visitors learn about the art of crafting beer. The Master Brewer guides you through the brewing process. In the Cooperage and Transportation section you can learn about this craft and see barrels being formed by a master cooper. One of the displays deals with the distribution and love of Guinness around the world. There is a section on Guinness Advertizing including award winning adverts and the famous logos. Guinness Ambassadors teach visitors the right way to pour a beer (so that there is not too much froth). Then you are awarded a certificate for learning this new skill. The use of Guinness in the kitchen is covered in the Brewing Dining Hall.

At the top of the building is the Gravity Barwhere you have panoramic views across the city. In the Connoisseur Bar you can try the top four types of Guinness – Draught, Original, Foreign Extra Stout and Black Lager. The visit ends with the Guinness Store where there are merchandise, treats and souvenirs. Your ticket includes a free pint and the site is open daily.

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