Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA

Rocky Mountains

9Rocky Mountains National Park is one of the top tourist attractions in the state of Colorado. It offers a wide array of nature friendly activities for you to indulge in. Biking, Hiking, trekking, scenic drives, wildlife viewing, camping and what not. It’s all this and so much more at the RMNP. The park is around an hour and a half away from the main city of Denver.

A lot of lakes and trails are available for all age groups. Smaller lakes are surrounded with picnic areas so families can sit and enjoy the view, the sunshine and the greenery around them with their kids. Summers is usually a popular time for tourists to visit the park as compared to winters when heavy snowfall causes a lot of trails and lakes to freeze. The drives leading up to the main park are absolutely breathtaking and phenomenal. If you are in no mood to walk, you can just drive around in the car and enjoy the mountains, river streams flowing alongside and the mesmerizing greenery. You might also spot elks and deer’s in and outside the park.

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The small villages surrounding the RMNP, namely Estes Park and Grand Lake, are very charming to walk around. A lot of tourists and local people strolling around makes it very lively. Make sure to try the local restaurants as they can guarantee some mouthwatering dishes. Since the park is not that far from the city of Denver, a lot of people plan activities in the city as well. But Rocky Mountains Park remains the topmost charm for people visiting Colorado. So if you are looking for a relaxing getaway, come to RMNP and lose yourself in nature.

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