Santorini (Greece) – Most popular honeymoon destination in world

Santorini (Greece) is one of the Greek Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. It’s probably the most iconic islands that pop to our mind when we think of Greece and one of the most popular destinations in Greece.

Santorini-Greece-Fundooplace Santorini-Greece-Fundooplace

It is filled with a variety of villages. Fira is the capital town, located fairly centrally; Oia is famous for the gorgeous sunset, Kamari is a small town with black pebbles beach and some cheap accommodation on the island. Santorini is also famous for its multi-coloured cliffs and picture-perfect sunsets.

Places to Visit

We were in Santorini for four days. We explored all sides of the island on our ATV.

Day1 – Kamari, Santorini (Greece)

We reached our hotel in the afternoon. We had our accommodation booked in Kamari. After checking-in and settling in our hotel, we headed straight to Kamari beach.

Our hotel was just in front of the black beach among the strip of restaurants and shopping. In Fira and Oia, it is very touristy and expensive too in comparison to Kamari. Kamari Beach was the perfect location for a very relaxing stay.

This is the black pebbles beach. Very cosy and quiet, good for sunbathing. There are plenty of sunbeds and most of them offer waiter-service to the beach. The sea is normally great to swim in. You can also grab some food and drinks as the restaurants and shops are nearby, really convenient.

We spent a very pleasant few hours at Kamari beach, had lunch, evening drinks and watched the world go by. It was busy but not crowded. It is full of restaurants, shops, and spa activities. We decided to do the fish spa in Kamari. It is a very lovely picturesque beach, a lovely place to visit or stay.

Santorini-Greece-Fundooplace Santorini-Greece-Fundooplace


Day 2 – Fira and Oia, Santorini (Greece)

We rented ATV and decided to go for the most famous spots of the island first – Fira and Oia


We started from Kamari around 10 AM and drove to Fira first. Fira, capital of Santorini, is famous for its dramatic cliffs and pristine whitewashed buildings. We explored some beautiful locations where we can practice our photography skills. Gorgeous views, picturesque churches and cobbled streets that are just too good to miss!

Honestly, every location was amazing and I was pleased with every photo I took. Every view is like a picture postcard as all of Santorini feels at times.

We walked to the edge of the caldera in Fira. It was beautiful breathtaking views.


Three Bells of Fira have an amazing view, especially with the sun. The architecture and colours are beautiful. This is one of the landmarks that grace all the postcards of Santorini! Just follow the small sign to get to the exact spot. It is worth the short walk up some steps to get the site but the view is spectacular and well worth it to take that photo you will treasure for a lifetime.

Exploring the shops and cafes along Fira’s narrow footpaths is a leisurely way to spend an afternoon. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Thira for a little glimpse into the island’s heritage and past. It has artefacts mostly from ancient Thira from the various historical periods from the 5th Century to Roman times.

We then left for Oia to see the most beautiful sunset in the world


Oia is carved out of the cliffs, a beautiful town with wonderful views. Amazing scenic beauty. You can see pure white buildings with colourful roofs that are typical of Greek architecture. It looks like a calendar shot everywhere in Oia. You can explore the famous white village that dots postcards.

Oia is famous for its white walkways twisting streets and back alleys with steep drops. And the most famous is a beautiful sunset, the main reason to visit Oia for most of the tourists. The sunset view from Oia was one out of this world experience. The Reds and oranges burnt the sky bathing everyone in its incredible glow making for an unforgettable sight. One has to actually experience it to get the real feel.


If you are in Santorini, don’t miss it. You must be there hours before or you gonna get stuck in traffic. It gets a very very busy place in the evening. I would suggest if you truly want to see and enjoy sunsets, find a viewpoint away from the crowds. Just drive a bit further from Oia and you will see some amazing views much better than Oia.

I also got to know about Hiking Trail from Fira – Oia. I didn’t get a chance this time but I will surely go for that again.

Day 3 – Akrotiri, Santorini (Greece)

Red Beach, Akrotiri, Greece

The third day we decided to go to the other side of the island. Our first destination was the red beach in Akrotiri. The red beach is one of the most famous and beautiful of the beaches of Santorini. It is located near the village and ancient site of Akrotiri. The reason for its popularity is its colour.

We reached there in the afternoon and it was too busy. I would advise going earlier. There were really beautiful views from above. The red colouring of the rock is beautiful. We need to hike down to the beach, which may be a little difficult for some people. It is a little tricky walking around so walk with caution. There is a danger sign also there. The sand is actually pebbles, so it is best to wear water shoes for walking. The water was very nice.

Akrotiri lighthouse is a nice place to visit. The lighthouse itself is not accessible, but it is one of the best places to view the sunset. You can also some Great views of the islands, views over the sea and the inside of the caldera. Just sit and enjoy the views.

In the evening, it can get a bit crowded but still better than the Oia. Try to reach early and take a nice spot to see the sunset.

White Beach, is another gorgeous beach in Akrotiri. It has the name White beach due to the white limestones rocks. The only way to get to the island is by boat. The beach is small and isolated so if you’re looking to get away from the crowds, this would be a good place to come. There are no facilities on the beaches so bring water and small food with you.

How to reach

We flew from London, England to Santorini (Greece). It was connected flight through Vienna, Austria. The flight was 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Best time to visit

We visited in September, and the weather was ideal. It was in the high 20 c at night and low 30s during the day. The best weather is from April to June and September to November, respectively.

Transport in Santorini (Greece)

To get the best of Santorini sights and sounds, it’s best to rent a vehicle a car or an ATV or scooter. We rented an ATV for three days. It was a great way to explore the entire island of Santorini in your own time.

Place to live

You can book your accommodation in any major village Fira, Oia, Kamari. We stayed in Kamari as it was near to the airport and also an awesome beach and cheaper in comparison to Fira and Oia.


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