Most famous waterfalls in Australia

Australia has many beautiful waterfalls, some of the most stunning and famous waterfalls are:

  1. Jim Jim Falls – Located in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, Jim Jim Falls is a spectacular waterfall that cascades down a 200-meter-high escarpment into a plunge pool. The waterfall is surrounded by dramatic rock formations and is accessible only by 4WD vehicle and a short walk.
  2. Wallaman Falls – The highest single-drop waterfall in Australia, Wallaman Falls is located in Queensland’s Girringun National Park. The waterfall drops 268 meters down a sheer cliff face and is surrounded by lush rainforest. Visitors can view the falls from a lookout or take a steep hike down to the base of the waterfall.
  3. Wentworth Falls – Located in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Wentworth Falls is a three-tiered waterfall that drops a total of 187 meters into a deep valley. The waterfall is surrounded by dense eucalyptus forest and can be viewed from various walking trails.
  4. Mitchell Falls – Located in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, Mitchell Falls is a four-tiered waterfall that drops 80 meters into a deep gorge. The waterfall is accessible only by hiking or helicopter and is surrounded by dramatic red cliffs and ancient rock art.
  5. Ellery Creek Big Hole – Located in the West MacDonnell Ranges of the Northern Territory, Ellery Creek Big Hole is not a traditional waterfall, but rather a permanent waterhole that is fed by a small waterfall during the wet season. The crystal-clear water is surrounded by towering red cliffs and is a popular spot for swimming and picnicking.
  6. Russell Falls – Located in Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park, Russell Falls is a stunning waterfall that drops 58 meters over a series of cascades into a fern-lined pool. The waterfall is surrounded by dense rainforest and can be reached via a short walking trail.
  7. Tia Falls – Located in New South Wales’ Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, Tia Falls is a dramatic waterfall that drops 100 meters into a deep gorge. The waterfall can be viewed from a lookout or hiked to from various trails in the park.

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