Manneken Pis – Brussels

Manneken Pis is a small bronze statue of a naked little boy urinating into a fountain in the center of Brussels. It is a popular tourist attraction and has become one of the most famous symbols of the city.

The statue stands only 61 cm tall and is believed to have been sculpted by Jerome Duquesnoy in the early 17th century. The statue has been stolen, damaged, and replaced several times throughout history, but it remains an important cultural icon for the people of Brussels.

Manneken Pis is often dressed up in different costumes for special occasions, which has become a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. The statue has over 900 different outfits, which are kept in the Museum of the City of Brussels. The costumes range from traditional outfits to modern pop culture references, and they are changed several times a week.

The statue has also been the subject of many legends and stories throughout history. One of the most famous stories tells of a little boy who saved Brussels by urinating on a burning fuse during a battle.

Today, Manneken Pis is a popular attraction for tourists visiting Brussels. It’s located in the historic center of the city, near the Grand Place, and is easily accessible by foot or public transportation. While the statue itself is small, it’s worth a visit to see this quirky and beloved symbol of Brussels.

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