The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken in Brussels, Belgium

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are a complex of greenhouses located on the grounds of the Royal Palace of Laeken in Brussels, Belgium. The greenhouses were built in the late 19th century at the request of King Leopold II, who was a passionate horticulturist and wanted to create a botanical garden for the royal family.

The complex covers an area of over 2.5 hectares and includes several different types of greenhouses, including a Winter Garden, a Tropical Greenhouse, and a Camellia House. The greenhouses are home to a vast collection of exotic and rare plants from all over the world, including palm trees, orchids, ferns, and other tropical and subtropical plants.

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are open to the public for a few weeks each year, usually in the spring, and attract thousands of visitors from around the world. The greenhouses are considered to be one of the most beautiful and impressive examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Belgium, and are a must-see attraction for anyone interested in horticulture or architecture.

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