City Sightseeing tour to Piraeus, Athens, Greece – Day 4

Piraeus (Athens) has been the port of Athens since Classical times. The main reason most people come here is the port and its island ferries. When I was looking for places to go to in Piraeus, I didn’t find the area much touristy but my love for sea side dragged me there and I decided to go to Piraeus. I went there with city sightseeing buses but you can also go there by using trams too.

The real attractions in Piraeus (Athens) are around the small-boat harbours of Zea Marina and Mikrolimano harbour, which is lined with waterfront cafes, restaurants and bars. These  cafes, restaurants offer some of the best seafood in town, and there’s also an excellent archaeological museum.

The Archaeological museum of Piraeus (Athens) boasts an excellent collection, and for classical enthusiasts it merits a special trip. One of the star exhibits is a bronze kouros statue of Apollo. Dating from 530-520 BC, this is the earliest known life-size bronze. Here displayed with two similar but slightly later figures of Artemis and Athena. Other highlights include some very ancient musical instruments and many funeral stelae and statues.

Other than this, if you are looking a place for quick swim or sunbathing, you can go to the Edem, A small patch of sand with cafés and tevernas, this is busy and urban but really nice. There are other free beaches near Flisvos, kalamaki and zefroys.

Temple of Olympian zeus, Olympic stadium, Athens, Greece – Day 5



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