Temple of Olympian zeus, Olympic stadium, Athens, Greece – Day 5

I kept some places for the last day in plan because they were near to my accommodation. Such as; Temple of Olympian zeus, Olympic stadium.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

I left 8ish from my place and went for Temple of Olympian Zeus. Obviously I have seen it many times in last five days. You can’t miss this striking marvel smack in the centre of Athens. It is the largest temple in Greece, exceeding even the Parthenon in size. The temple is impressive for the sheer size of its 104 Corinthian columns of which 15 remain. The temple is situated next to Hadrian’s Arch, built in AD 131. It was positioned deliberately to mark the boundary between the ancient city and the new Athens of Hadrian.

Then I walked to the Olympic stadium for the 1896 Olympics. You can compare the stadium from 2004 ones and see how time have changed.

3,400 years of culture is undoubtedly a good reason for visiting, especially as many of the most spectacular temples of the classical era are still standing, such as the resplendent Parthenon and Iconic Temple of Zeus. If you’re not fussed by architecture however there’s the Greek cuisine and nightlife to indulge in and plenty of pleasant parks to ramble in.

I was there for five days but Athens is a big city and there are lots of places which you might choose depending on your interests. I choose the places which I can cover in five days but I think I still need some time to go to other places. Thinking and planning about my next visit I bid farewell to Athens. I will surely keep a day or two for Athens in my next trip to Greece when I am going to spend most of my time in other parts of Greece including Sparta, Meteor and Delphi.

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